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60+Club in Claydon & Barham

Martin Redbond and I have been working to get extra activities for the older part of the community.  We would like the sheltered housing to be a hub for this but the District and County won’t fund any extra effort and want the residents to do it themselves, perhaps with a little financial help.  The need is most noticeable at Cherryfields in Bramford where the County withdrew its respite and day care facilities.  They used to organise entertainment and other activities that the sheltered housing residents miss.  The warden helps a lot but can’t do a vast amount as well as all her other tasks.

Martin has been getting a group together and on Tuesday we had a first meeting at St Peter’s Court to sort out who in the community would lead.  We got a way forward and will meet again Friday week to map out a programme.

Carpet Bowls will be one item to join the successful craft activities that go on now.

Hemingstone Annual Parish Meeting

Why do the smaller villages appear to have more active organisations than the larger?  Perhaps they just tend to report at the annual village meeting.

Mid Suffolk planning procedures didn’t meet with approval.  The level of debate at the committee is too limited ,with issues that worry villagers not examined in detail.  The few powerful contributors tend to short circuit the process.  Just the same views as were expressed after the SnOasis meeting some time ago.  How do we councillors provide more challenge?

The County’s traffic survey to find where HGV’s go on the B1078 met with approval but the five buses every morning and evening from Otley College cause consternation on narrow country roads like Clay Lane.  Is there an alternative route? I need to take this up again . 

Footpath issues still exist and County Highways short-lived attempts to rebuild damaged verges with earth that promptly gets spread across the road, was felt to be a waste of money.  Not the first village with this concern.  I must take it up again but we would not want great ditches left by the road side.  Perhaps such areas should be made into passing places.